Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hello All!!!!

So it would appear that I keep missing the update point I have promised you guys and I'll try to be on time with my updates in future!!! :)

Anyway it has been an extremely up and down week for me especially occupation wise. My contract ran out on Friday and as a last second decision applied for 3 internal jobs, one of which was offered to me after a phone interview. The problem being it was in Mackay, I dropped everything instantaneously arranged my accommodation that morning and by the afternoon I had a call (from one of the other jobs I applied for), to go in for an interview  the next day (this Thursday).

I went into the interview they were extremely lovely smoked the competition and was offered the job on Friday.

So yeah it's been a crazy week for me one moment leaving the next staying cancelling accommodation and rejecting my original job offer. All in all it now seems for the time being it has all worked out AND I didn't even stress once :) :)

Right now I'm finding all these distractions are holding me back from really succeeding in my business, but at this very moment I have a lot of ideas and a lot of different skills other than my business that I want to master. Because I have so much I want to accomplish and learn I have adopted a little system that you may benefit from as well and it's not only logical but I have personally found works for me.

Procrastination is a demon we all share and it manages to get in the way of our day to day living (housework, errands, paying bills etc etc.). I've learnt to tame this little bad boy and get him working for me. I call it FOCUSED PROCRASTINATION, who knows what others call it. I have made a list (and I add to it and remove items also) and these list skills or areas in my life I want to improve.  I have noticed this has helped me improve my guitar playing skill 400% in the last 6 months alone without any effort, I hit a bump I play guitar then back to business or I play guitar get bored work on my business. I have wanted to learn guitar for as long as I can remember and to now be able to play makes me very happy. I obviously use Focused Procrastination for accomplishing a large range of other things in my life, but this is just an example, of how effective it can be.

Try it , I hope this technique works for you. If it doesn't you get what you pay for :P hahhaa


Jet Johnson

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