Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hello All!!!!

So it would appear that I keep missing the update point I have promised you guys and I'll try to be on time with my updates in future!!! :)

Anyway it has been an extremely up and down week for me especially occupation wise. My contract ran out on Friday and as a last second decision applied for 3 internal jobs, one of which was offered to me after a phone interview. The problem being it was in Mackay, I dropped everything instantaneously arranged my accommodation that morning and by the afternoon I had a call (from one of the other jobs I applied for), to go in for an interview  the next day (this Thursday).

I went into the interview they were extremely lovely smoked the competition and was offered the job on Friday.

So yeah it's been a crazy week for me one moment leaving the next staying cancelling accommodation and rejecting my original job offer. All in all it now seems for the time being it has all worked out AND I didn't even stress once :) :)

Right now I'm finding all these distractions are holding me back from really succeeding in my business, but at this very moment I have a lot of ideas and a lot of different skills other than my business that I want to master. Because I have so much I want to accomplish and learn I have adopted a little system that you may benefit from as well and it's not only logical but I have personally found works for me.

Procrastination is a demon we all share and it manages to get in the way of our day to day living (housework, errands, paying bills etc etc.). I've learnt to tame this little bad boy and get him working for me. I call it FOCUSED PROCRASTINATION, who knows what others call it. I have made a list (and I add to it and remove items also) and these list skills or areas in my life I want to improve.  I have noticed this has helped me improve my guitar playing skill 400% in the last 6 months alone without any effort, I hit a bump I play guitar then back to business or I play guitar get bored work on my business. I have wanted to learn guitar for as long as I can remember and to now be able to play makes me very happy. I obviously use Focused Procrastination for accomplishing a large range of other things in my life, but this is just an example, of how effective it can be.

Try it , I hope this technique works for you. If it doesn't you get what you pay for :P hahhaa


Jet Johnson

Sunday, 16 December 2012


Hello my friends!!!!

I promised you all a short while ago that I would tell you more about myself, what I do and what I believe in. So this week's post will be addressing exactly what I have promised you....

My real name is Eddy, I am 26 been and have been working on my clothing label and also my printing business for the last 3 years ( to get it to this point.

I spent many many years in fashion prior to starting my clothing business and I design and print each T- Shirt myself (I have 100% personally designed the shirts from the quality of the cotton used, through to the stitching, down to the writing on the care labels) My life's been devoted for this past 3 years, trying to make a success of this business. At this point in time I am still struggling to break into the market but Im perservering.

Through my experience on many occasions I have asked myself whether I have made the right decision should I just give up??is this worth it??? have I given up too much??? No-one tells you how hard it is out there, but I will folks its FUCKING HARD!!!!

Here I am in a bit of a financial abyss whilst others my age get married having kids and already have mortgages. Have I done the right thing??

 I'm still in a great deal of debt and at this stage I am finding it extremely difficult to make ends meet (I have alot of companies calling me asking for money, lol they are literally trying to get money out of a stone....).

I have heard many many people tell me to give up already, however there is something inside me that is still driving me. I am a firm believer in following your heart and letting your intuition guide your decisions in life, I have got this far and it looks as though this fight is to the death.

Anyone who knows me would know that I have very recently been diagnosed with mild bipolar/anxiety ( I am different from others however and I am not a depressed person not at all, I get very aggressive if rubbed up the wrong way and that's basically it), so with everything going on right now Im in a really hard place to be right now, both mentally and financially with no support in the world whatsoever........ Yet here I am battling away, unmoved unshaken and happier than ever!!!! Go figure right????

Would you like to know why I am still happy even though I'm in such dire straights??? It's because I'm doing what I want to in life it's as simple as that!!!!  I've taken a shitload of risks (that so far haven't worked out :P ). I've been following my heart and not following the status quo essentially I'm being me AND THAT is why I'm focused, happy and not giving up anytime soon.

So I want you guys to look at your current situations and wonder what you've been doing at this stage to push you past your limits?? Are you doing what you want to in life? Are you letting others drive your life for you?? Really take a look at yourself and ask yourself what you REALLY want in life.

I'll tell you in one word what I want......HAPPINESS. I believe this is achieved when you let go of that which you don't really want in life and let your intuition guide you, to what you really do. Ultimately only ou know what will make you happy and no-one else!!!

Ok so I have said happiness is my only want and your probably laughing thinking I'm talking rubbish... But I have spent many many hours thinking "How am I going to find happiness?" and the only thing I could come up with is FREEDOM!!!! We are all slaves to the material world, our cars homes and other possessions, and it ranges from our jobs all the way through to crossing the street, you HAVE to cross the street at the traffic lights because you won't be able to read the traffic and you MIGHT get hit. So as a result you wait at the traffic lights with no cars in sight and wait for the lights to change....Did you know that we waste almost 4 years of our lives waiting behind lights. So your own personal power is being stripped from you and what does that mean??? Ok let me make it simple Personal Power = Freedom if you don't have anyone controlling what you do you are essentially FREE!!! So it's important that we all regain our personal power, ofcourse some things can't be helped, paying taxes laws and other governemnt regulations, but you can take back your own personaly power by just believing in yourself and doing what you want to do in life, simple as that.

so I have come up witha  little formula;


Hahahaha I'm feeling like that guy in the meat section of woolworths (the Deli Lama) :P

Ok so anyway that's a little food for thought it could be a load of bullshit BUT what if I'm right ;) Remember right now I am probnably in the toughest situation I have ever been in , in life and here I am happier than ever, what does that tell you???

I'll leave you on that note everyone!!!!! Take care and thanks for reading :)


Jet Johnson

Monday, 10 December 2012


Hi Everyone!!!! So yep, I'm a couple of days late with my post (naughty naughty *tisk tisk*). But it's been an action packed week, I had a couple of close calls yesterday on my motorcycles (I've been having a few lately) but I'm still LOVING my bike!!!!! To anyone who would ride a motorcycle but are scared of falling off, this is what I'm going to say to you. Stop being a pussy!!!! just do it!!!!

  It feels like your flying, you'll enjoy going from A to B and its ridiculously cheap with fuel (mine costs me around $12 a fortnight). There are only two downsides, which are..... if it rains yeah your gonna get wet ;) hahahaha AND OBVIOUSLY if you fall off you will get really hurt or die.

BUT!!!!!! Play it smart, be alert and don't do stupid crap and you'll be right. Just before I bought my bike my mother and uncle called me over to my mother's place, cried and gave me a lecture for 2 hourst. They said that I'm going to kill myself and that it was a stupid idea to get one. They also said that if I bought it they would stop talking to me (which is retarded controlling).....I said to them "Well I'm gonna be a very lonely person....because I'm getting that bike"!!!I haven't looked back since and guess what....They still talk to me ;) Alot of people think I'm foolish for not wearing protective gear.

The reason I don't wear protective gear is not only because I back my abilities but because I know in a way in the back of my mind I'm acknowledging the fact that I could fall.....How am I to ride at my best and most alert when I'm thinking "Oh I could fall, but I have a safety net here...just in case". I dont want to acknowledge that I want to move past that.if you can't believe in your own abilities then you shouldn't be riding, and that goes for life in general.....(Would you be impressed if you went to the circus to watch trapese artists performing with safety nets, or do you think it makes them concentrate, perform better and evolve as entertainers???just a thought ;)


So on a final note be yourself, back yourself and jump without that safety net, you'll find it very very empowering because. In life there is no such thing as security, security is false, there are back up plans but THERE ARE NO SECURITIES.


(Next week I plan to share something I have noticed about how we interact with society and how I believe we lie to ourselves, once I bring it up I'm sure you will start to be taken back of how close to home this little bit of insight hits.)

 Peace Out!!!

 Jet Johnson

Sunday, 2 December 2012

My First Official Blog Post

Hi Everyone!!!!

This is my first official Blog Post, which is very very very exciting for me and you should be excited too!!!! Because now I can share my experiences in life and business with you all. A lot of people have told me that I'm the kind of person who has so many crazy stories that it's hard to know if I'm lying or not, which I take as a compliment of course, (Because they are true!!!!).

I believe I can do anything, in fact I believe we all can do anything. We live in a world where society forces us to think "No!! I can't do this and No!!! you can't do that", which is extremely limiting the human race. It's a sad thought but if everyone continues to think this way the world will be a place of oversaturated indulgence with no way of advancing forward. Businesses will continue to struggle as there will be no advances in technology and no new industries will be created. The rich will continue to rule and we will all remain at the bottom my friends as it is getting harder and harder to get to the top.

That's why I wanted to put together this blog. Firstly I want to help open the eyes of the misled and maybe even help inspire them to get ahead in life and secondly, I hope that by sharing my experiences with you all I will gain a better understanding of the truth of life.

I will be updating my posts every single week, and at the end of each post I'll be giving a  little prelude as to what I plan to share with you in my next post. All in all I hope you enjoyed reading my very very first blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

(Next week's blog I will give you a little bit more info about who Jet Johnson is. My morals, my ethics and what I do.  See you then!! )

Thanks for Reading :)

Jet Johnson Out!!!!