Sunday, 6 January 2013


Hi Everyone!!!

I would like to say congratulations to you all for surviving THE END OF THE WORLD hahahaha.
It's funny in all honesty I didn't even realize I had missed it until the day after the alleged disaster LOL. 

In all honesty folks I didn't know what to expect about the whole thing, I figured if the end came there's nothing we could do anyway so I guess I forgot all about it.

For centuries people have been predicting the end of the world and yet we are all still here why?? I believe the end of the world will be an eventual process, with greed and power fueling it all, as we see the major driving force of international trade and currency (AMERICA) falling into a financial abyss, it opens the world up for many different possibilities for the future and it's a scary thought if you think about how much of an impact America's currency has on most countries around the world. 

There is now the possibility a new country will become the major driving force behind global trade (we are yet to see who comes out on top), as it doesn't look very likely the Americans are very likely to recoup their 30 trillion dollar negative deficit anytime soon. Anyways it will be interesting to see whether or not they are going to take it lying down, I'm very very interested to see what happens now, as we all know when someone is in a position of power they almost never give it up without a fight and America has had the power for many many years, so this makes me a little curious as what will happen to America now and what they will do to save their economy.

ANYWAYS I don't believe that the world will ever suddenly end (if it did it would suck huge ass donkey balls), but the financial times in the near future may dictate whether or not countries will survive or whether they will economically perish and Australia seems like we will be one of the last standing which is great for us!!!!

So in closing I want you to realize that everything that is going on at the moment and future is relevant only if you choose it to be the centre of your life. There are many things beyond our control in this world and all you can do is deal with what you can and not worry about the rest.

Do whatever makes you happy, go to church, play sport, have fun and live your life. live it with respect for yourself and others and you'll have a good life and a strong soul.

Peace Out

Jet Johnson

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