Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mens Fashion and how and why it is rapidly evolving!!!

Less than a decade ago the majority of men were more concerned with hard work, a good wife and kids and food on the table. The majority never worried about how their hair looks or what brands are in fashion (especially here in Australia), most men were happiest in a wife beater (singlet), a pair of super short rugby shorts with the cords hanging down the inner thigh from their leg hole. and a pair of thongs (footwear).

A decade on and men have changed dramatically, most have shied away from the hard labouring work and taken up desk jobs, not only this but their wardrobes have drastically changed aswell and the ladies are loving it BTW, so keep up the great work fellas!!!!  ;)

The modern man seems to have traded the wife beater singlet for the Armani shirt, rugby shorts for designer jeans and thongs for Italian designer leather shoes. It's a pretty impressive development in just 10 years if you ask me. There also seems like more and more men are becoming better groomed and ironically enough it seems to be fueled by the high standards of women these days - Thanks TV !!!! :'(

Men have been forced to up the ante in order to still be considered attractive to the female population, it seems like there are many women out there who are extremely picky and shooting way above their limit, and kudos to them!!!

I believe the competition for men to look better than one another is the obvious cause for their change in need for fashion sense and overall society is looking BLOODY FINE, if I do say so myself!!!!              

The fine ass chickas out there seem to be in the position of power when it comes to selecting sexual partners, they seem to be more and more of them letting themselves go!!! Careful ladies don't fall into that trap ;), (I can see it now they release a new TV series and instead of it being called Desperate Housewives it will be called Desperate Doritos :P )

Anyways it is now more important than ever for men to take care of themselves, don't get angry at the ladies for having standards fellas, they didn't make it this hard for us...... Hollywood has!!!!!
hahahaha So get in that gym get ripped, get your clothes tailored and give the ladies what they want guys!!!!

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