Friday, 18 January 2013

Did you miss me???I've been Learning SEO =(

Hey everyone I apologise..... Ok, Ok, I know I promised I would update my blog weekly and I understand this last 2 weeks has seen the composition of zero posts.

Im going to be working on multiple posts per week now so it's great news  for you as my readers, because you get to read more posts and I will be ensuring that I put the best quality material I can into each post from here on out and who knows you may even learn things =P


I have been learning Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and also researching ways I can improve my blog for you guys as my readers. The truth is I hit a bit of a writing block these last 2 weeks and I wasn't sure if I could write any further posts that would have any sort of impact on your day. It's like I start writing and then amazingly the subject that I am writing about ends up sounding all philosophical and ending with a life message and I never wanted my blog to go down that path. This is the main reason why I took a couple of weeks off from writing my blog to concentrate solely on what it was that I wanted to share with you.

In these last few weeks I have come to the conclusion that I don't want to solely write about life and business, so next Sunday I will be launching my cocktail blog, (don't worry people I'll provide the link when on this blog when it's up and running.


Cocktails, of course dummy =) !!!!! I'm a bartender in a nightclub and I figured it would be great to share recipes, methods of construction, the end product (picture) and a review on it's flavour and what sort of meals each cocktail would compliment.

Great idea right!!!!??? I know, I know it's going to be a fun blog to write and also for you guys to read, because EVERYONE loves a cocktail. So yeah keep your eyes peeled for that one, it's definantly going to be worth checking out.


I learnt it's an absolute bitch of a project that is not only extremely confusing but also very frustrating and time consuming!!!!! Ok so i am supposed to post comments on hundreds of blogs that allow you to include backlinks to your website that are "dofollow"-(dofollow means that web crawlers follow the link back to your page to so you get a higher page ranking in Google). Bu they can't be any blogs they have to be blogs with high Google Page Rank. Easier said than done, after commenting on around five blogs I was already over it (five down a million more to go), it's extremely difficult to keep it up.

The best way to describe SEO is to relate it to meditating, you sit there trying to be still and not think but a million ideas and thoughts pop up in your head. I am finding that same effect is happening to me when I start SEOing Ill be commenting and then I start thinking about other thing smy business needs and run off to check that out. I guess it's a form of procrastination in a way, my mind trying avoid the mundane hahahaha.

So I've been working on not only SEOing but also my website (added a custom tee printing page in), but I have also been working on my social networking for my online site -, mens and womens(unisex shirts and accessories)

So yeah that's my website if you click the link and check it out, you will see I have links to all my social networking sites and I have been working around the clock to build these up, in particular my twitter account which has been lying around for months without any followers....... In this 2 week gap I now have over 300 followers and it's quickly growing. I will be using my twitter account to offer limited edition discount codes for my online store.

you can check out my twitter here---> Twitter Account

Other accounts I've been building have been my:

Google+ account
Tumblr account
Facebook account

I've also written an article (I have written another one for men's fashion but it is waiting approval for publishing), This article is currently on Jimdo but I will be converting the article to Ezine in the near future.

Jet Johnson's Top 3 Fashion Tips For Men 

If you get time definantly check these out i'm very proud of the fact that my twitter has gone from 0 followers to 312 in 2 weeks. This is one of the biggest reasons I've been offline my friends, but i will be posting more very shortly.


Jet Johnson

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